The Band

The Jack Million Band works since 1996 with 20 professional musicians and 4 vocalists. Every one of them talented and with stage experience. A broad and varied repertoire, enthusiasm and spontaneity sets the Big Band apart from the others. The band personnel are selected professional musicians from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

The Jack Million Band had big success with shows and tours in the USA, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Because of the band's international fame it was invited to play at the millennium celebration of the German government in the Reichstag in Berlin.

The Glenn Miller Birthplace Society, Clarinda IA, invited the Jack Million Band and announced it as one of the three best orchestras in Glenn Miller style in the 28 years festival's history.

The CD "Jump, Jive and More" has been sold over 55.000 times worldwide, because of the sound arranged by Jack Coenen and played by the Jack Million Band.

The CD "Night & Day - One Singer - One DJ - One Big Band", produced by the Dutch father of house music Eddie de Clercq hit a top ten charts in South Africa!

The CD’s "In the Mood For Glenn Miller" volume 1 and 2 earned worldwide recognition by Glenn Miller authorities.

The World Dance Council (WDC) invites the Jack Million Band as dance orchestra to its annual German Open Champoinships since 2014.